Announcement - March 15, 2020.

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Paul Berger - President ILEA Middle East & CEO Arena Group Middle East and Asia.

Sunday, March 15, 2020 Dear members and industry colleagues, We hope that you and your businesses are doing well.

Governments, businesses, and communities globally & locally are deeply concerned about the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on their economies and societies. Business sentiments have taken a dip and there are uncertainties all round. We are indeed facing some difficult times within our industry and it is now more than ever that we need to come together to ease the pressure collectively. Last week, we conducted a meeting with the Dubai Economic Department (DED) on an urgent matter regarding the issues at hand. Both parties agreed that it is important that ILEA ME and Dubai Government work closely together to minimize the pressures for our members, industry peers, and their businesses. DED has currently issued a survey in order to evaluate and structure responses to ensure business continuity, develop resilience, maintain the safety and security of employees and assure we overcome the adverse economic impacts. We encourage you to please participate (5-7min). Click here to take the survey. ILEA ME is also currently drafting an official letter from our board and on behalf of our industry in the hopes of receiving an official statement from the government on decisions related to our industry, so we can prepare ourselves for the future. We are also requesting for government to reduce financial burdens for our members and industry, such as;

  • All trade license renewals to be put on hold.

  • All existing and running trade licenses to be paused until the events industry is back in fruition.

  • All immigration deposits for visas to be released back to the employer.

  • All visa renewals to be put on hold.

  • All medical insurance renewals to be put on hold.

  • All licenses and permit fees for canceled/postponed events to be fully refunded.

  • Government to lobby private sectors on behalf of ILEA ME which allows all venues & F&B related advanced payment to be fully refunded.

  • Any events fines to be removed.

  • All the monies paid to Dubai Police, Ambulance, RTA, Civil Defence and other government-related bodies for events, to be fully refunded.

  • To open Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp calls and other forms of easy communication.

ILEA ME is hard at work to try and accommodate the above, but we need to hear from you! Are there any other requests you would like us to include, to lessen the pressure on your business? Your opinion is very important to us. Looking forward to hearing back from you. ILEA ME.

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