Freelance research survey!

Since 2017 ILEA ME and the UAE Film Production Forum has been in discussion with Dubai Economy on the issues relating to the options of visa/licenses for local and international freelancers. In order for the Dubai Government to consider this subject, we need to gather data that shows that local freelancers are at a commercial disadvantage. We need to show that international companies tend to use international freelancers i.e those that do not have a trade license, office in the UAE, etc.

International companies wish to hire freelancers as per the UAE labour Law but the current options for hiring temporary freelancers are too expensive and complicated. Hence, companies are forced to fly in freelancers on tourist visas. As a result, money is taken out of the local ecosystem and creates leakage in the economy. This is also detrimental to freelancers who are locally based in the UAE since they lose freelance jobs to external freelancers on a tourist visa.

We have proposed to create this solution;

One unique work permit for Events & Production as an option for residents and international crew/staff. This permit can be layered over an existing visa;

- Residence visa (irrespective of mainland or freezone) + Unique permit

- Tourist/Visit visa + Unique permit

Please fill out this freelance survey so we can assimilate the data required and urge the Dubai Government to consider our proposed options. This survey is completely confidential.


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