ILEA ME President announcement.

Dear Members, As a founding member of ILEA Middle East and an active Board Director since its inception in the Middle East in 2010, I am delighted to take up the Presidency of the Middle East Chapter from January 2019 and to lead the Chapter into EXPO 2020. Firstly, I would like to thank Dan Bolton and his board for their contribution to the Chapter over the last eighteen months. I have now formed my new board of Directors and we held our first meeting in January to agree our strategy and objectives for the Chapter moving forward. I would like to thank the new board for supporting the new Presidency and their commitment to ILEA Middle East. ILEA is the only trade association for our industry in the Middle East and my responsibility as your new President is to ensure that you, the members receive tangible and measurable benefits from the association under my leadership. Everyone involved in our industry should be a member of ILEA. We are one industry and we have one official industry association, which is ILEA. We are fortunate as a local association to be affiliated to the global ILEA network as well, which gives you, as members, access to ILEA Chapters all over the world. As a nonprofit association, we rely on the support of members and look to invest all of the membership fees into expanding the Chapter around the region. I would like to share with you my goals for the Chapter under my Presidency:

· Grow the membership base by 10 new companies per month. I would like the Middle East Chapter to become the biggest Chapter in the world by 2020.

· Establish an HQ for our Association in Dubai.

· Establish Chapter branches in Abu Dhabi, Jeddah and Riyadh.

· Create a dedicated Board Role to represent the Chapter with EXPO 2020.

· Stronger Emiratization within the Chapter and on the board.

· Monthly Small Events Calendar that addresses the requirements of each member.

· Annual Major Events Calendar for the benefits of the members.

· Monthly President’s Lunch with members by invitation. I want my presidency to be personal to every member.

· Education- focus on introducing the ILEA Industry qualification, CSEP to our industry in the Middle East.

· Health & Safety workshops for our members and the introduction of one set of industry guidelines adopted by local government.

· Improve the financial health of the Chapter to reinvest into initiatives that will benefit the members and our industry.

· Introduction of new ideas for the benefit of the members. (Watch this space).

· Improve the communication between ILEA Middle East and the members.

These goals will evolve I am sure over the term of my Presidency, but most importantly, I want the Chapter to become relevant to everyone involved in our industry and to provide each of you with measurable benefits for your organization. We need to work collaboratively to make our industry stronger and better in the Middle East. We are one industry voice that needs to be heard and recognized by everyone in this region, particularly government and local government organisations. Thank you for being a valued member of ILEA Middle East, your membership is very important to the Chapter and we appreciate your continued support. Looking forward to working with you, Warm regards, Paul Berger.

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