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Updated: Oct 8, 2018

ILEA ME would like to welcome our new member Addmind to the association.

Addmind is the leader in concept creation and F&B management in the Lebanese and United Arab Emirates scenes. Their premium portfolio of original, trendsetting entertainment venues caters to an internationally experienced clientele, who knows and expects the best in food, drink, and entertainment.

Their portfolio of outlets features restaurants, intimate lounge bars, chic poolside “daylife” clubs, rooftop nightclubs welcoming acclaimed international performers.

They are, and always have been, the groundbreakers of entertainment in the Middle East.

Throughout the years Addmind has diversified its interests in all aspects of entertainment, hospitality, food beverage and lifestyle. What makes every project successful is their highly individualized approach to each project, reflected in the diversity and quality of their establishments. This has led to their position as the largest network of prestige entertainment experiences in the Middle East.

ILEA ME had a little sit down with Addmind and here is a few facts:

What event/project are you most proud of within the past year and why?

It’s not easy picking one. Our teams have worked on so many projects trying to make each an extraordinary success.

Regarding the past year, it is worth mentioning some great events though: Eva Longoria’s gala dinner, Armin Van Buuren’s event or even the Back Street Boys at White. It was very challenging for us to get these big names to our venue but clearly hard work has pays off.

Have you got any exciting news coming up that you just have to share?

The most exciting news for us right now is White’s ranking on DJ Mag as the 20th club worldwide.

Can you tell us an interesting fact about your company that people might not know?

People might not know that but we at Addmind are constantly curious to learn more about different cultures and get back alternative ideas from abroad. With time we managed to bring to the region so many different worldwide cuisines, eclectic entertainment and never before experienced lifestyle attractions.

What inspired your team to join the events industry?

We realized that people nowadays want something new, they want to be part of something out of the ordinary and this goes from how our outlets look and feel to the type of food they want to have…

Having the most reputable and popular outlets in the UAE and the ultimate objective to exceed clients’ expectations, inspires our team not to join but to keep leading the event industry.

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