#MembersMonday - Guinness World Records

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

ILEA ME would like to welcome one of our newest members Guinness World Records to the association. We recently caught up with them to find out a bit more about the company and here’s what they had to say…

What event/project are you most proud of within the past year and why?

After celebrating our regional office’s 5th anniversary last month, with Dubai in particular being a record-breaking hub in the region we can definitely say that we are very proud to have witness such amazing feats not only in the UAE but in all of MENA. Whether through individuals, like Mohammed el Sheikh breaking a record for most body revaluations with chest and chin on the floor, or brands such as Nissan and their 5 Guinness World Records achievements one being the fastest drift, or government entities such as Dubai Police achieving the title for the heaviest aircraft pulled by a team, and the largest synchronized card dance that they did for the National day, there is definitely a strive to be the best in the world.

Have you got any exciting news coming up that you just have to share?

As you all know, since the beginning of the year, the UAE has been celebrating the year of Zayed and as part of this initiative we have witnessed several attempts one being the largest aerial projection images video here. The screen was as big as a NFL pitch!

Can you tell us an interesting fact about your company that people might not know?

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS book first started as a result of an argument over the fastest game bird, which lead to the initiative of compiling the worlds superlatives in to one book, which was then the bestselling book that Christmas of 1955. Since then the brand has developed into an entertainment brand, with presence on TV shows, social media, events and attractions.

What inspired your team to join the events industry?

Who doesn’t want to be a part of Guinness World Records, we make the amazing official and witness amazing things every day.

Can you tell us a fun fact?

We hold a record for the most stolen book from libraries. 😊

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