#MembersMonday - The Moments Entertainment.

We are pleased to announce our new member, The moments entertainment. They specialize in content design and content development. The Moments Entertainment is based in Istanbul and operates worldwide. They are a great addition to our regional expertise. We asked them a few questions and this is what they had to say:

What event/project are you most proud of within the past year and why?

Within a wide range of projects, we’ve undertaken in the last one year, two of the most exciting events for us, were Euro league Final Four 2017 and EuroBasket 2017, both held in Istanbul. The diverse audience and the global broadcast coverage of both events were the most challenging aspects of these projects. Execution of the pre-game and trophy presentation ceremonies, on-court entertainment, multimedia, and graphics content management tasks in such world-wide events provided us with invaluable experiences and know-how. Besides with many other benefits, staging top-level international sports events extended our competency in highly multicultural projects.

Have you got any exciting news coming up that you just have to share?

In the last couple of years, we’ve been working on creating our own events some of which are almost ready to be executed after minor adjustments. Although we are extremely excited about these projects for a long while, we were not able to start them so far due to the client projects that we’ve undertaken. In the next year, we’ll be focusing more on these projects to launch them both locally and internationally.

Can you tell us an interesting fact about your company that people might not know?

Beyond our core event & entertainment services, we also have investments and partnerships in other entertainment-related areas. With our sister companies, software and technology development, movie production and distribution, special effects and multimedia content creation and management operations are also executed.

What inspired your team to join the events industry?

The main inspiration that drives to be in the events industry is our addiction to the adrenaline rush that we have in each project. A settled down lifestyle is just not for us.

Can you tell us a fun fact?

We structured our organization around a small number of full-time staff members however, we can extend the size of our team up-to 100-folds during an event, depending on the project. This structure enables us to operate more flexibly and to collaborate with better-specialized people in each project. Within this compact structure, we managed to execute various projects in 6 different countries, over 3 different continents (America, Europe, Asia) in the last 3 years.

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